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F4T Triangle Weightlifting Straps

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Easy On-and-Off Reversible Grips Maximize Performance

You can maximize your lifting strength with the Fit Four F4T Triangle Weightlifting Strap. This reversible, 2-sided grip features our uniquely designed, low-profile triangle shape. It's heavy-duty and enhances workout performance, but is also comfortable and easy to use.

Side one is our signature silicone grip providing added grip strength for getting the maximum number of pulls. Side two is standard canvas allowing for natural movement and pivoting on the bar. This dual-sided grip system gives you the extra grip strength you need to tackle more challenging lifts. It's ideal for dead lifts, snatches, cleans, and pull-ups, and any kind of weightlifting, body lifting, or strength training programs.

The F4T grip design is 70% canvas (black), 20% neoprene, and 10% silicone (grey). It's fully adjustable, so you can set it to your optimal length. It's also easy to reverse. You can quickly put it on and take it off one-handed without interrupting your workout.


  • 70% canvas webbing, 20% wetsuit grade neoprene, 10% silicone.
  • Reversible grip: Our signature silicone grip on one side; flip inside out for standard canvas grip.
  • Dual Use: Extra grippy silicone side helps you achieve maximum pull without slipping. The canvas side offers natural grip for easy pivoting on the bar.
  • Unique low profile: Triangle shape allows for maximum reps. Fully-adjustable; create the perfect length for your lifts.
  • Easy on and off: Remove and tighten with one hand without interrupting your workout.
  • Versatile: Perfect for all free weightlifting (dead lifts, snatches, cleans, and pull-ups, and any kind of weightlifting, power lifting, or training).