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F4S Standard Weightlifting Strap

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The F4S- Standard Weightlifting Strap with Reversible Grip by Fit Four.

The F4S may have the look of a standard traditional canvas weightlifting strap but this strap is far from standard. Notice that the straps come with reversible grip. One side we have injected our signature Fit Four enhanced silicone grip. This helps you achieve the maximum strength on your pulls without slipping. The other side is the standard canvas grip for any pivoting application. The straps also have a padded neoprene wrist guard on both sides to prevent the strap from digging in. You will find both grips come in handy depending on the lift that you're doing.


  • Traditional straight canvas strap with reversible grip
  • One side for added grip, the other side with regular canvas grip
  • Padded neoprene wrist area
  • Easy on design, able to tighten with one hand.
  • Preferred use with: dead lifts, snatches, & cleans
  • 70% canvas, 20% neoprene pad, 10% silicone group