Our Story

Fit Four was created on tough times, hard work and humble roots. Our legendary four-finger design is said to have been conceived after a fabled battle where an unfortunate digit was lost. This tragic event became the birth of the four-finger workout glove.

At 28, Fit Four’s founder, Jonny Robbins, found himself feeling pretty low. Make that lower than low. Simply put, life had happened. Growing up in a very sports driven and competitive family, losing was not the norm. This bitter taste of defeat was hard to swallow. Jonny Robbins was a phoenix in need of a rebirth and Cross Training became his catalyst back to victory. 

Having been born again in the waters of fitness, his addiction to high-energy activities was met with the challenge of extreme personal fitness. He found the support from his local box empowering. He was hooked—except for one major problem. His hands were trashed!

Inconvenient taping and bulky gloves weren’t fitting the bill, so Jonny Robbins took matters into his own hands.  Pun intended.  With tenacity, a bucket of sweat and a little help from his mom and her trusty sewing machine, the famous four-fingered glove was born. Simple. Form fitting. And most importantly, effective.

Enter Fit Four.  From that point on, Jonny Robbins exhausted every ounce of time and literally every last resource—down to the last dime in his pocket—to turn our patented, one of-a-kind gloves, from concept to reality.

Today, Fit Four’s products are purchased throughout the world. Fit Four crafts innovative, purpose-specific hand protection for Cross Training enthusiasts and hardcore athletes alike.

Moral of the story? Fit Four is passionate! Passionate about fitness.  Passionate about life.  Passionate about providing everyone from the weekend warrior to the elite Cross Training athlete, a way to kick some serious trash without chewing up their hands.