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Glove Care Tips

Maintaining your Gloves

Gloves can be hand or machine washed on cold cycle. Lay flat to air dry, do not machine dry the gloves. 

If gloves have Velcro, keep the Velcro clean and clear of debris. Best to use a delicates wash bag when machine washing gloves with Velcro. If there is not a delicates wash bag available, make sure the Velcro is properly secured to the glove before machine washing. Use scissors to trim or a lighter to singe back the fraying areas to increase Velcro performance and longevity.

Glove Wear & Tear

Our gloves are designed for high performance minimalist hand protection while maintaining a natural feel, as a result, our gloves will not last forever. Life span of gloves depends on frequency and intensity of use. For the gloves with Silicone Grip, these dots will wear off one at a time on the areas more heavily used. This is normal and expected.

All gloves have a 90 day warranty – if you have any issues with your gloves please contact us for a replacement.