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OCR Slit Leather

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  • Wear with watch or fitness band thanks to patent pending slitted wrist wrap
  • Best multi-use OCR gloves with extra grip for wet and dry environments
  • OCR Race tested and approved
  • Expandable and ribbed wrist wrap helps prevent injury while allowing wrist movement
  • Premium leather offers the ultimate grip in wet mud run conditions
  • Open minimalist gloves design allows for breathing and quick drying when out of wet conditions
  • Thumbless and compression fit design prevents glove from bunching
  • Unisex sizing

Watch or wrist-wrap glove? Gone are the days when you had to make that choice on race day, when keeping track of your time shouldn’t mean going without wraps and sacrificing wrist safety. OCR Slit Gloves feature a specially-designed wrist wrap that allows you to comfortably wear your TomTom watch (or other fitness watch or band) with your gloves.

The key to this unique design is the slit in the wrist wrap. It not only displays the top of your watch or band for easy visibility, but also provides that little bit of extra room a watch or band needs to fit comfortably inside a wrist-wrap glove.

There’s nothing wrong with pushing your body to its limits. That’s the whole point. But the last thing you want is an injury – during obstacle course training or on race day – slowing you down or keeping you from competing at all.

You’ll get all the wrist protection you need with the expandable, ribbed design of OCR Slit Gloves that strike the perfect balance – help preventing injuries without sacrificing ease of movement for maneuvering through the craziest of obstacle races.

By the way, the wetter the course the better. These OCR gloves are made from premium leather. The wetter they get, the tackier the grip for climbing, lifting, pushing, and pulling your way through the muddiest of OCR conditions.

When things dry up, your gloves dry, too. We only cover your hands where coverage is needed, so they breathe easy and the leather dries out quick. This minimalist design combined with the compression fit also means these gloves won’t bunch up.

You know how much good grip and wrist strength can help you conquer the course. And thanks to the slit in the wrist wrap, you can track your winning time every step of the way. Get it all with OCR Slit Gloves, a must-have item from the Spartan gear collection.

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