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OCR Neo Grip

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  • Added cushion and anti-slip grip protection for OCR races
  • OCR Race tested and approved
  • Great for wet and dry mud run applications; made of deep dive suit material
  • Neoprene warms and helps regulate body temp when wet
  • Original patented 4-finger minimalist gloves design
  • Double-stitching for durability during OCR Race training and runs
  • Compression fit support band
  • Easy on / Easy off – Pull down and turn inside-out to remove
  • 10% silicone, 90% rubber-lined high-density neoprene gloves
  • Unisex sizing

Whether it’s in the heat of a race or the tough as nails training that gets you there, your hands need all the cushion and anti-slip grip they can get. These neoprene gloves offer the best in OCR hand protection, specially designed for obstacle course races.

OCR Neo Grip Gloves are made of rubber-lined, high-density neoprene with a silicone grip. Neoprene is the same material used in deep dive suits, making it ideal for warming and regulating your body temperature in wet, muddy OCR conditions. But these OCR gloves are great in dry conditions, too –the silicone grip helps you climb, lift, push, and pull your way through every obstacle that gets thrown at you.

What about the way they fit? The race does enough to push you out of your comfort zone. You don’t need bulky, ill-fitting gloves making things worse. The OCR Neo Grip is streamlined, featuring our original patented 4-finger minimalist design and compression fit support band. Your hands are protected where you need it, free and clear where you don’t.

What about durability? You know how tough these crazy races are on your hands, so wear and tear on even the best OCR gear is inevitable. But these gloves are double-stitched to minimize damage to the neoprene so you can do damage to that course.

What about ease of use? They’re easy to pull down and turn inside-out for quick on and off at any point during a race.

Point is, OCR Neo Grip Gloves are a must-have when it comes to obstacle course racing gear and OCR Race tested and approved.

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