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Workout Recovery for Beginners

Workout Recovery for Beginners

We talked about in last week. This is the time of year when people start talking about New Year’s Resolutions and hitting the gym. Getting in shape. All those things that sound good. It’s a great resolution and one that should try and stick to.

However, it it’s been awhile since you worked out, you can expect to have soreness after that workout.

First of all, check with your doctor to make sure you are physically OK to start a new workout routine.

Don’t overdo it. Your body will need time to recover after those initial first workouts.

Schedule some down time between workouts. Give yourself between one and three days before working the same muscle groups. Eventually, you can set up a recovery week, a week in which you cut your workout reps and overall time in half.

Get plenty of sleep. Get yourself into a regular and stable sleep routine. Good sleep helps your body recover from workouts.

Hydrate. Seems basic enough but many people fail to take in the proper amount of water after a strenuous workout. Exercise creates a need for the body to receive more water.

Have a healthy snack with that water. The body needs protein to help the sore muscles recover from the exertion of muscles that have not been used for a while.