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What do most Crossfitters have in common?

What do most Crossfitters have in common?

Everyone is pumped about the CrossFit™ Games. Everyone in the world can participate in the #CrossFitGames as the world’s fittest people reveal themselves through challenging workouts. There is a common problem that all CrossFit™ fitness enthusiasts share with training and competing in the games...

Wounded hands. Most people who’ve reached the level of wounded hands from intense workout sessions don’t have to boast battle wounds to prove they’re about that life. It’s true that some people prefer to go bare-backed but its suggested that you use protection if you want to avoid doing things like:

  • Shaving your calluses down with a Dremel tool
  • The embarrassment of shaking someones hand with a weird piece of skin hanging off of your hand
  • Having a constant open wound on the dirtiest part of your body
  • and many more delights that come along with being a badass.

Are you following the CrossFit™ Games? If you participate in the #CrossFitGames, how do you use protection?