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Staying Motivated in Summer

Staying Motivated in Summer

The trend has always been to work hard all winter so your body would be in great shape come summer. No one wants to walk a beach carrying extra pounds and not being able to show off washboard abs and toned biceps. But just because you trained hard during the cold season doesn’t mean your body will maintain that great shape.

Fitness isn’t a one-time thing that gets you permanent results. You need to stick to a consistent exercise regimen to not only achieve new goals but also maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, when the heat is high and the humidity starts to stick it can be hard getting motivated for a workout. Here are a few tips for finding that needed energy for summer workouts.

Photo Reminders: If you were once overweight and out of shape, chances are you snapped a few photographs before you dedicated yourself to getting fit. Now is a good time to take those pictures out and put them where you can be reminded of what will happen if you stop. Many people use old pictures to stay motivated since they do not want to resort to their former, out-of-shape selves.

Avoid the Heat: Nothing will damper your enthusiasm than seeing its 90+ degrees outside. If you enjoy running, biking or swimming outdoors then you need to be aware of how the heat will not only affect your desire to train but how well you train. If you are looking for outdoor activities consider exercising in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is not beaming directly down on you.

Stay Hydrated: One reason people get tired easy during the summer is because they do not drink enough water and their bodies get dehydrated. This leads to fatigue that will cut short any desire you have to work out. It is important that you drink plenty of water during the hot summer months and avoid alcohol that can dehydrate you faster.