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Please, We Beg Of You... Don't Do This.

Please, We Beg Of You... Don't Do This.

Don’t skip leg day. Just don't. For the love of all things massive, please we beg of you. If you want to sport a pair of legs that you’re proud of this spring and summer, you’ve got to fit them into your workout routine. Sure you could always wear jeans or high socks all summer (...again) to mask those chicken legs-- that’s the easier path to take. But instead, if you get started right now on building your leg muscles, I bet you won’t regret it! Here are some essential exercises to turn chicken legs into masterpieces:

Squats (regular)
A vital exercise to build leg and butt muscles by working out the glutes and quads.

Deep Squats // “ass to grass”
Unlike shallow squats, deep squats utilize the entire leg. Try pulling up using your heels and chest to avoid putting too much pressure on your knees.

Front loading squats
Very similar to the back loading squat (which you are probably more familiar with). This work out actually affects the body and muscles much differently and is key for building legs.

Sissy Squats
These squats were promoted by Vince Gironda as an rectus femoris isolation exercise. Try these for optimal results.

Romanian Deadlift
This deadlift doesn’t begin from the floor the way a traditional deadlift does. Instead you begin from the top.

Leg Press
This is a resistance exercise where you push against the weight using a diagonal sled-type leg press machine. Be sure to keep the pressure on your heels!

Add these to your leg day and start saving up for a bunch of new shorts. Don’t forget to wear your Fit Four gloves for comfort and a better grip. Did I miss one? What are some leg workouts you’ve gotten excellent results from?