New Study Confirms Monday is Peak Fitness Day

New Study Confirms Monday is Peak Fitness Day

According to USA Today, Jawbone, the maker of computer-connected fitness bands, collected data from a sample of more than 10,000 users during a 12-month period ending August. The results were not shocking and confirmed what many fitness experts already knew, such as workouts peak on Monday, are steady on Tuesday and Wednesday and the start to decline rapidly with Friday being the day with the fewest number of workouts.

The study revealed that the greatest percentage of cross-training, weight-lifting and stationary bike workouts happen on Mondays, for both men and women, and then steadily starts to drop as the week goes on. However, after Friday’s slump there is a noticeable uptick in exercising on Saturdays and Sundays.

The same way gym memberships peak at the start of the year, the study finds that most people are pumped to get going when the week starts but as it drags on start to lose their enthusiasm. The study also found that diets would get less-healthier as the week went on. Most of the participants in the study would eat healthy on Monday and Tuesday and then revert back to less-healthier meals on Thursday and Friday.

Jawbone is hoping to reverse some of these trends by having its app suggest workout ideas on days towards the end of the week that will at least keep people active. It doesn’t have to be a grueling cross-training exercise but even a light jog or even a long walk on a Friday can be enough to encourage people to stay true to their workout goals.

Unfortunately, as Jawbone stated, the one thing they can’t control is willpower. It’s up to the individual to make the time for workouts and only their dedication will get them to a gym on Thursday or Friday, even if it’s just for a light workout.

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