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Keeping Your Gains on Vacation

Keeping Your Gains on Vacation

One big question for those that have recently jumped into the fitness scene: How do I keep my gains when I am on vacation? It’s really not as big of a deal as you may think it is, depending on the length of your vacation. If we’re talking two-plus weeks then you might want to simply consider a temporary gym membership depending on how badly you want to keep your gains. We wouldn’t feel like a good friend if we didn’t suggest that you try to enjoy your vacation as much as possible. Taking the entire two weeks off of training is very unlikely to affect your strength and mass. Now before you get too excited let me clarify that I said two weeks off training, there are still things you will have to do during your vacation to make sure you don’t totally set yourself backwards such as:

  1. Eat healthy. The goal is to minimize muscle loss and minimize fat gain. If you’re not training at all on your vacation you should plan for all your food intake to be very strict. Prepare yourself because on vacation the temptation to eat unhealthy food is going to be there and

  2. Drink water. Not only will this save you some money on your vacation but water is essential for your muscles to be healthy. Muscle tissue hold up to 70 - 80 percent of water and fat tissue only holds around 10 percent. So keep your muscles happy while you’re on vacation by drinking a lot of water.

If you want a nice dessert or an alcoholic beverage, don’t sweat it. It is a vacation after all and almost any dessert or beverage is completely harmless in strict moderation. Remember that you want to keep some of your routine while you’re on vacation. It’s good to maintain your healthy eating habits and catering to your muscles because you don’t want to come back from vacation feeling remorseful.

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