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Keeping New Year’s Health Resolutions

Keeping New Year’s Health Resolutions

Tomorrow there will be a horde of people saying that 2015 is the year they get into shape. Anyone who frequents a gym knows that the rush starts on the 1st of the year and starts to fade not too long after. The idea is great but the commitment is something else. As with many things in life we like the easy way but fitness and health are not comprised of shortcuts.

We know sticking to a fitness regimen can be hard, especially if you are just starting out. If your goal is to get into shape this year, here are a few tips that might keep you on the right track.

Get a Partner: Getting to the gym on your own can be difficult. You will start to come up with a lot of excuses to keep you from your workouts. One way to combat this habit is to get a partner who is committed and will be there to pick you up and make going to the gym a regular part of your day. When you are in it with someone else you don’t want to let them down and this little psychological trick can be very effective in keeping up with your workout goals.

Pictures: If you are out of shape, overweight or just don’t like the way your body looks, take some pictures and put them where you can see them. Some people like to put these pictures on a nightstand or mirror where they can’t avoid it. The idea is not to feel bad about yourself but to provide a constant reminder of why you decided to start a fitness program. In time you can start to take pictures showing your improvement and put these images in a sequence to show yourself the results.

Pick a Regular Time: Some people enjoy working out in the mornings while others prefer later afternoons. However, if you are constantly changing your workout times it can lead to pauses and eventually stopping it completely. Pick a time that is best for you, a time when you are most motivated and have the energy and stick with it. You’ll notice other people at the gym do the same and this will create an inner circle of gym-friends that will help you in keeping up with your fitness goals.