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Hardest Sports for Conditioning

Hardest Sports for Conditioning

No matter what sport you play, from football to golf, there will be some level of off-season conditioning. Preparing for regular seasons of sport teams is essential to be at your physical best and have your body prepared for the grueling contests ahead. Not all sports are the same and some require a lot more strength and conditioning than others. Here are some the toughest sports when it comes to conditioning.

Wrestling: Whether you’re competing in freestyle or Greco-Roman, wrestling is one of the most demanding physical activities you can find. Matches are broken down into three 2-minute periods and it’s a non-stop battle with your opponent that can have you sucking air within seconds. Wrestling is equal parts strength and endurance so to prepare for this sport requires activities that will not only strengthen the muscles but also prepare the lungs. There is also the issue of maintaining a weight level so you can compete in a specific weight class.

Football: Even though football has different positions that require different strength and skill sets, the preparation for competing in American football is not easy. Getting ready for the season will involve weight lifting, long distance and sprint running, agility training, flexibility and, of course, physical contact. While cornerbacks and wide receivers do different training than offensive tackles and outside linebackers, anyone who takes to the gridiron needs to be in peak physical condition to endure a football season.

Soccer: Known around the world as football, the game of soccer is one of the most demanding when it comes to endurance. Broken down into two 45-minute halves, there is rarely ever any stoppage in play and that means constant running for nearly an hour and a half. While defensemen and goalies don’t run nearly as much as strikers and mid-fielders, it is still required that everyone on the pitch be able to run consistently throughout the game. Though soccer is more a finesse game it can get rough at times and today’s players are much more likely to add weight lifting to their offseason workouts to prepare their bodies for the grueling season.

Swimming: Although there is no physical contact when it comes to competing in the 100m butterfly or 400m medley relay, there’s also no where in the pool to stop and catch your breath. Swimming is one of the toughest sports when it comes to endurance and to prepare for a season requires consistent endurance training including swimming, bike riding, running and other cardio exercises.