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Gym Pet Peeves

Gym Pet Peeves

Anyone who has attended a gym long enough has their grievances about other members. Unfortunately when you mix together a diverse group of people you are sure to get some quirky behavior that rubs some people the wrong way.

Sharing a gym with hundreds of other members will surely bring about some complaints. Here are some of our favorites.

Re-Rack Weights: We’re pretty sure a lesson in pre-school is putting things back where you got them. However, it seems this task didn’t take with everyone. Every time you visit the gym you can bet someone left dumbbells or plates on a bench that you are about to use. And it just so happens to be the 80lb dumbbells and four 45lb plates too. Yes, there are staff members at the gym that periodically clean up the weights but it is common sense to re-rack weights when you are finished. It’s also basic courtesy.

Tone Down the Grunting: Whether it’s someone in the squat rack or doing bench press, you will always hear that guy who has to let everyone know the weight he is lifting is impressive. First he paces up and down slapping himself before the set, then he exhales loudly before he begins and with each rep lets out a gorilla-call that practically shakes the walls. We get it; you’re strong. But so are a lot of other people in the gym and they don’t announce it so rudely.

Are you Working Out or Clubbing? Fitness centers have become very popular of late and some even have resident DJ’s and juice bars. But it is still a place for exercising. Watching the gym fill up with people who have their outfits pressed, their hair done and their eyes on everyone else is a creepy feeling and makes you wonder why these people sign up in the first place. Having a group of friends you converse with is one thing, standing by one machine for 30 minutes without doing a rep while you stare at the women in a cardio class is downright weird. Work out or look for a bar.