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Gym Bag Essentials

Gym Bag Essentials

Whether you’re just starting out your fitness journey or you’ve got an established routine set in place and you’re on your way to major gains, it’s always good to reevaluate your gym bag situation. Firstly, if your zipper and/or strap is messed up or broken or for some reason there is a hole in your bag, you will need to replace it to make sure you can rely on what will be transporting your valuable gym essentials. 

Deodorant - A lot of us gym-goers leave in a car after a workout and the last thing you want is to be so stinky that you can’t even stand yourself during the ride home.

Clean towel - One or two clean hand towels in your gym bag are definitely essential. There are a hundred things you could use a towel for at the gym so be sure to stay stocked up if you frequent the gym. (Pro-tip: Take your dirty towel and garments out of your bag as soon as you get home to avoid strong odors) 

Hair Ties - If you have long hair you will definitely need to keep hair ties handy in your bag at all time. As a girl, I can’t tell you how many times I have been at the gym and my hair tie has either broken or slipped off and disappeared. 

Water - Not only is this an essential item to pack for the gym, it’s also essential for your workout. Keep on sipping!

Fit Four Fitness Gloves - Of course, these are a must have for your gym bag because calluses are hand and eye sores. Keep those hands in good shape and make them wonder how you’ve beefed up so much but keep your hands intact! 

Bulking Season Anyone?

So you’re too tiny and you want to build muscle. Well there really is no better season to bulk then the coming months as we all know the holidays with all the most delicious family home-cooked meals are upon us. I’m sure Mom thinks your diet is really cute and all but she’s still going to have all the best smelling foods (that you swore off of) right under your nose. So it’s because of this, most people like to bulk up around this time.

The golden rule: everything is okay in moderation. Oh, I’m sorry. Were you excited to pig out at all the best holiday events and well every Sunday for Football? Well we hate to be the ones to break it to you but pigging out isn’t a proper technique for bulking. Sure you can enjoy more foods that you’ve been cut from during bikini season but you still shouldn’t eat everything in sight. You want to build muscle and your body can only make so much muscle at once so a lot of the left overs are going to turn right into fat and will definitely cost you some physique points.

The right way is, like everything else in fitness, going to take some organization and regulation. Pay attention to your body when you start bulking. If you start noticing some fat, then maybe cut back on the second helping of hot wings and see if that doesn’t help. Everyone’s body is different and it’s important that if you’re going to start bulking you know and pay attention to yours.

It’s true you can eat more but you most definitely can’t eat too much at once. If you’re using proper moderation and tracking your results like you should, well then we greatly look forward to seeing those after pictures on Instagram and Twitter. #FitFour