Garmin Launches Vivosmart Fitness Band/Smartwatch

Garmin Launches Vivosmart Fitness Band/Smartwatch

If you’ve been waiting for a manufacturer to finally get the balance right between a smartwatch and a fitness band, the new Vivosmart from Garmin may be just the thing you are looking for. Others have had their turn including Fitbit Force and Samsung Fit Gear, but each came up short in one area or another that the Garmin band is hoping to overcome.

The Vivosmart band retails for $170 and is a fitness tracker that can show text, emails, calls, calendar appointments, game notifications and music playback controls.  The band features a wide plastic bracelet available in five colors with a built-in OLED display that stays hidden the majority of the time. A simple double tap on the band brings it to life and allows you to access important information.

On the fitness side, the Vivosmart can count your steps, calories burned, distance covered and amount of time spent sleeping. If you connect the band to an existing MyFitnessPal account it can also log food intake.

Other features that make the Vivosmart attractive include being waterproof up to 50 meters, being compatible with heart rate monitors and bike speed sensors and is powered by a low-energy Bluetooth Smart radio. Currently the Vivosmart is available only for pre-order and will be sold exclusively through Best Buy until November. 

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