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Fitness Is Happiness

Fitness Is Happiness

How to make time in your busy schedule for a fitness routine

People start working out for different reasons. Some of us start young and some of us start… much later. The point is that you start. A common excuse for not starting is the dreaded busy schedule. Work, school, family, friends, and more can make you feel like you don’t have enough time to work at the body you know you’re capable of having.

  1. Take the kids with you. Find a nice spot outside that you feel comfortable with and let your little one play while you workout. Some gyms have a babysitter area where you can drop off your tot while you turn your beastmode on.
  2. Do it before work. Bonus: Everyone is impressed by the person that has already got their #WOD in before 9:00am.
  3. Set reminders. Phone alarms, post-it notes, scheduled recurring emails, whatever! Chances are that you won’t be going into this with a fitness friend with the same schedule as you so you will need the alarms to keep you on track.
  4. Do it at work. Lunch break workouts are a great way to avoid submitting your order to the sub-shop lunch list. For those of you able to snack at your desk, this is especially good.
  5. Workout at home. For ultimate flexibility in fitness routines simply work out at home. It’s cheaper and definitely better than nothing!

How do you juggle your busy schedule and fitness routines?