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Fit Four Releases the New Spartan Grip Glove

Fit Four Releases the New Spartan Grip Glove

At Fit Four we believe in pushing the envelope when it comes to fitness apparel which is why we didn’t settle when we launched the revolutionary callus guard work out gloves. In addition to the Gripper, Anti-Ripper and Neo Grip fitness gloves, we have also created the brand new Spartan Grip glove for serious cross training and high intensity work outs.

The ultimate three-in-one fitness glove, the Spartan Grip features a callus guard palm, gymnastic grip and wrist wrap. The sleek tailored design and compression fit offers superior four-finger coverage and prevents the gloves from bunching up while working out.

Ideal for pull-ups, weights, ropes, rings, bars, kettle bells, hammers and tires, our Spartan Grip glove is perfect for athletes that need a sure grip when exercising. Unlike traditional weightlifting gloves that are bulky and hard to take on and take off, the Spartan Grip is sleek in design and can be put on or taken off in seconds.

The leather palm of the Spartan Glove allows bars to rotate and pivot freely while protecting the palm and supporting the wrist. Available with either a leather or silicone palm the Spartan Grip is a terrific fitness glove for the serious athlete