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Essential Gym Gear

Essential Gym Gear

For some, going to the gym is a fashion show. From hot pink sweat pants and headphones from Beats by Dre to the latest Air Jordan’s and bright white tank-top T’s many people go to great lengths to get noticed. It should be your body that gets attention but that doesn’t stop those few who treat the gym like it was a nightclub.

We prefer to refrain from caring too much about appearances at the gym. After all, the point is to work out not work it and fashion should not be your main concern when squatting 300 lbs or hitting 10 miles on the Stair Master.

Still, there are some items you may want to consider when hitting the gym.

Work out Gloves: We’re not ones to push our own product (wait, yes we are) but you should have some form of hand protection. Using barbells, kettle bells, ropes and cables can lead to serious calluses on your fingers and palms and there is no need to go through that pain if you don’t have to. Strap on a pair of Gripper or Anti-Ripper Fit Four gloves and enjoy the superior grip and solid protection when you work out.

Towel: Most gyms have a rule about wiping down equipment after using a machine. This rule is rarely ever followed and you can bet when you go to spray down a bench they will be out of paper towels. Always bring along a spare towel for keeping your perspiration under control and being able to protect yourself from germs that may be lurking on the equipment.

Headphones: Whether it’s to drown out the gorillas grunting in the squat rack or to turn down the chatty gossip taking place by the cardio equipment, a decent pair of headphones or ear plugs can help you focus. You want to be careful not to have gear that contains very long wires since it is quite easy to get tangled up in machines but an iPod and some simple earphones can save you from all the static that can pollute a gym atmosphere.

Sweatshirt or Hoodie: You can never predict the climate in a gym. There are some that make it a sauna and others that feel like a refrigerator. Since you won’t know what to expect it’s always a good idea to pack a hoodie or a pullover just in case the A/C is cranking at a high level.