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Don't Be That Guy... But If You Are Then...

Don't Be That Guy... But If You Are Then...

When working out your forearms, consider this!

Have you ever just looked at your forearms in complete disgust because they were so thin compared to the rest of your muscular body? This is a common hobby of newbies to the fitness and health lifestyle and it’s definitely not just guys that do this! There are a few isolation exercises you can do on your forearms, however, it should be noted that forearm isolation exercises aren’t for beginners simply because so many other compound exercises (exercises newbies should be focused on) workout your forearms as well as other muscles in your body. Over-training your forearms is definitely not a newbie mistake you want to make.

This video by PhysiquesOfGreatness demonstrates an interesting way to work out your forearms:

These wrist-curl movements are how you workout your forearms. You can do them in front of you as well.

If you’re an intermediate or expert body builder than isolated forearm workouts can be very beneficial so long as you consider the following:

  • Palms up is easy on the elbows
  • Palms down is difficult on your tendons so proceed with caution especially if you have tendonitis.

Always stay in tuned with your body. Listen to it when you’re working out otherwise you are capable of making mistakes with long-term effects that you do not want. We love your feedback so let us know what works out your forearms best in the comments below!