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Common Workout Mistakes

If you have a regular workout routine and think something is missing or you are not getting the results you were hoping for, consider the fact that you may be making a mistake in your workout without even realizing it.

Here’s a look at some common workout mistakes:

  • Not learning proper technique. This is important. Improper technique can lead to chronic pain and injury. Learning proper technique with lifting weights will help you maximize your work and strength training.
  • Skipping the warm-up. The warm up getting your body ready for that day’s workout. Skipping the warm-up can lead to injury, especially high-intensity interval training. You should also be stretching before workouts.
  • Not feeding your muscles. Those muscles need some help after a strenuous workout. After a cardiovascular workout, consider consuming a healthy source of protein and a vegetable-type carbohydrate. Turkey, chicken and spinach are all good choices.
  • Lack of sleep. Proper rest is crucial to allow a body to recover from a strenuous workout.
  • Improper equipment. If you need running shoes, don’t just try them on out of the box. Go to an athletic supply store where you can be properly fitted. It’s also important to make sure your workout gloves fit correctly.