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Arming the Guns

Arming the Guns

It’s no secret that for men the most popular body part, and the one they enjoy exercising the most, are the biceps. Often referred to as the “guns” men take great pride in having biceps they can blast with flexing poses that show off mass and definition.

Not everyone is born with the genes to have naturally big arms so you will most likely have to earn yours in the gym with the right work outs. Here are a few exercises that can get your arms pumped.

Dumbbell Hammer Curls: Curls of any kind will work the biceps but dumbbell hammer curls are particularly adept at making the guns pop. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart hold a pair of dumbbells at your side and alternate curling each. Unlike regular, curls, hammer curls are done with the dumbbell held vertically and there is no twisting motion in the curl. You can alternate arms or do both at the same time but make sure you do not swing the dumbbells when beginning a new rep. Also, do not move your back when doing curls. Any cheating on this exercise will not only lessen the work your biceps get but can also cause injury.

Pull-Ups: Sometimes you need to get back to basics and skip all the high-tech fitness gadgets. Good old-fashioned pull-ups work a number of body parts, including the biceps and will teach you the techniques of using your own body weight. Start by doing palms-up reps and with your hands shoulder-width apart start from a resting position and slowly pull yourself up until your chin reaches the bar. Lower yourself slowly and repeat. Try starting out with three sets of 10 and for an added burn do lightweight dumbbell curls in between sets.

Seated Cable Curls: Most gyms will have a machine that for seated curls. These include a stack of weights, cables and hand grips. Be seated, keep your back straight and alternate curling a manageable weight until your hands reach your shoulders. With cable curls you can do concentrated curls as well by simply adjusting your position on the seat and resting an elbow on your inner thigh while curling the weight towards your chest.

With bicep workouts it is important that you let your arms do the work. If you are having trouble staying disciplined, a good trick is to stand with your back to a wall to prevent any body swaying during sets.