F4X Spartan Grip ® Premium Leather Palm



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  • The ultimate three-in-one Fitness Glove: Callus Guard™, gymnastic grip & wrist wrap
  • Sleek tailored design, compression fit, four finger coverage, no bunching
  • Great for pull-ups, weights, ropes, rings, bars, kettle bells, hammers, and tires
  • Leather palm allow the bar to rotate and pivot freely while protecting the palm and supporting the wrist

Spartan GripTM - Callus Guard™ workout glove with wrist wrap and leather palm surpasses all expectations of what a performance workout glove should be. No more wasting money buying different gloves, gymnastic grips, and wrist wraps. The Spartan GripTM includes all three.

The Spartan GripTM adapts Fit Four's signature four finger minimalist approach by only covering the parts of the hands that needs covering. The Spartan GripTM workout glove is made to be worn during your entire workout (not just during pull-up). The workout glove features a fully integrated 3" wide expandable velcro wrist wrap made of fluted nylon stitching. The wrap’s ribbed pattern keeps the wrap strong and prevents the band from expanding in width while still allowing mobility and delivering the optimal amount of wrist support. The top of the hand on the Spartan GripTM is tailored from breathable lycra material designed to help keep your hands cool. The SpartanTM leather palm glove has been favored by traditional weight lifting because the leather allows the glove to pivot and move freely with the bar.

Need More Grip? Try the Spartan GripTM with silicone palm.The anti-slip silicone palm has proven to be beneficial for cross training exercises like: pull-ups, toes to bars and rings.

Glove Care
Like a new pair of shoes your gloves need to be broken in. Give them a couple weeks to break in and mold to your hand. Our gloves are made to feel good on your hand not to look good in your gym bag. It is normal for them to bunch up when you are not wearing them. Take care of your gloves and they will take care of your hands. To keep your gloves in tip top shape we recommend:

Soften the Leather if it Feels Dry (Anti-Ripper and Spartan Models Only)
There are a number of creams, oils and foams that will work such as: saddle soap or bees wax. Remember, that less is more and that too much oil or foam isn’t good for the gloves. Also make sure to remove the excess product after you have applied it, and don’t over-moisten the leather.

Keep Dry After Use
Make sure to turn your gloves inside out and air dry before putting in your bag after working out.

Hand Wash If Needed
Hand wash with mild soap then lay flat on top of a dry hand towel. Damp off extra water with dry towel. Don’t ring out water before drying; this could damage or wrinkle gloves.

Chalk Is Okay
If your gloves become sweaty or slippery, you may use chalk on gloves to absorb moisture and help with the grip on the gloves.

Don’t Pull Off Any Long Threads on Gloves
You might find an occasional long thread coming off your new gloves. This is common and is not a defect. Carefully trim with sharp scissors or singe with a lighter. Pulling at stitches could break a vital seam on your new gloves and damage them.


We All Like Form Fitting

When in doubt, order slightly on the smaller size. This will help the leather and materials mold and conform to your hand shape.