The Anti-Ripper

As close to naked as it gets—without the awkwardness. Best if used by warriors with a strong natural grip. These immortal athletes of the gym prefer a slight hand rotation and some movement of the palm. The conforming cabretta leather glove palm allows give while supporting your natural Spartan grip of death and the lycra top provides a breathable, weightless feel.

Best For:
Wild Spartans with hands that are naturally like mechanical vice grips. These warriors prefer some hand rotation and bar play while still preventing tears, and enjoy the warm raw feeling of a natural, naked grip. The Spartan’s plan of attack is precise and well calculated. They take a minimalist approach to armor and prefer a more traditional leather guard. If you can grip hard, these gloves will blow your mind.


Which glove is right for me?

Most of our clients own both The Anti-Ripper and The Gripper and alternate between them depending the workout.